Beautifully handcrafted wooden bicycles

Unique bikes that provide a beautifully smooth ride quality allowing you to ride further in greater comfort.

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Ash, Walnut & Carbon Fibre

Our craftsmen alternate layers of carbon, ash and walnut to produce bikes with the ultimate ride quality. Timber absorbs the high frequency road vibration creating a beautifully smooth ride which reduces muscle fatigue.


The Celero Frame

  • Timber absorbs vibration like no other material.
  • “Sportive” frame geometry gives you a relaxed riding position.
  • Carbon Fibre reinforced construction creates a stiff, responsive frame.
  • Hand-made frames lovingly created to order, with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Internal Cables with continuous outer sheath keep the dirt and grit out.
  • Metal inserts are used allowing industry compatible components to be used.
  • Eleven coats of 2-part marine grade polyurethane to protect against the elements.
  • View our geometry, specification and price.

No compromise on safety

Comprehensive testing

The frame has undergone rigorous road and laboratory testing including the latest international safety standard - BS / EN / ISO 4210 where the frame is subjected to the following tests:

  1. Frame impact - Falling frame
  2. Frame impact - Falling mass
  3. Frame fatigue with horizontal forces
  4. Frame fatigue with a vertical force
  5. Frame fatigue with pedalling forces

Exceptional strength

It is an acceptable practice to provide a separate frame for each test in order to attain the standard, however Silva have chosen to put one frame through all 5 tests, ensuring that our frames are capable of withstanding the most rigorous use.

Not only did our Celero frame achieve 100% success, it over doubled the required standards for Frame fatigue with pedaling and vertical forces – the two most arduous of the fatigue tests. You can view our test certificates here.

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